On Location 1!

Back in the year that Glastonbury resembled some kind of murky atlantis, Prince Harry made the mistake of leaving it last minute for a fancy dress party and resorted to dusting off an old Nazi Uniform from the Royal cupboards. Jamie Oliver rode valiantly headfirst into battle against the dark forces of “Turkey Twizzler” and in more serious news the home of Jazz was rocked by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina…. in a small crammer college in Hendon I was fast becoming my own mothers natural disaster (she’s also called Katrina…see what I did there?)

Being a London teenager I was doing what most boys my age were doing…not what I was supposed to be doing. Studying media (where I suppose I first found my love of capturing video and images) I was frequently found missing from my seat in the classroom, much to the undoubted stress of my poor mother (sorry mum!) opting instead to spend my time loitering about and generally being a pillock in the park directly opposite where I probably should have been sat learning. How we got away with this well….it was simple, we would so enthusiastically approach our some kind of awesome hippy teacher requesting to use the college cameras and head out “into the field” (literally) as we had important filming that needed capturing for….our projects…of course.

Now I’ve no idea where half of the footage we actually captured when farting about with those cameras ending up, but I hope for legal reasons we were sensible enough to delete all that we did film …though no doubt 90% of it consisted of a bunch of teen pillocks rapping about which new imaginative way they were gonna “lyrically murder” one another spliced with some undeniably ground breaking close up shots of someone having a puff on something they shouldn’t have.

However, to the point of all this…pretty regularly I would receive a call from one of my no doubt concerned and not so dumb family members asking where the bloody ‘ell I was…

the reply….

Dont worry…. “I’m on location

This term became the standard go to phrase/excuse for whenever we were out just being teenage boys. A phrase that lives in infamy with my immediate family and that I am still lovingly teased for all these years later.

Fast forward 9 years and here I am. Camera in hand and a little more serious about my work (only a little) shooting with my first Storm model and very much enjoying the journey, when I receive a quick call…

“Really sorry, I can’t talk at the mo……I’m on location”     a rye smile as the familiarity of the words hit me and the memories coming flooding back.

So here it is, a little section dedicated to my time “on location” ….. if only so I can prove to me dear ol’ mum I actually am this time!

I very much hope you enjoy.

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